Unleash your organisations full potential that will create amazing opportunities by using FundraiserOne’s newest and greatest smart tools’ that innovate your organisation’s best opportunities. FundraiserOne is our new cloud version developed using the latest technology and can be accessed with any web browser on any device. It’s simply beautiful and easy to use.

Manage all contacts and relationships in one place

  • Find new donors by untapping the potential of your existing donors in your database
  • Analyse supporter growth clusters based on geographic locations
  • Create engagement properties to send the right message at the right time using the right channel
  • Understand what motivates your supporters using the new campaign tools
  • Make smarter decisions with our new detailed reporting and intuitive dashboards
  • Run queries and create selections easily with our new powerful query tool
  • Run detailed reports and export them to any format
  • Modify and build new reports using the new report builder
  • Integrated with NZ Post PAF data to ensure your addresses are correct

Engage using the correct channel

  • Set communication groups and the preferred channel for each supporter
  • Segment lists by communication groups and preferred channel to get your message across
  • Create professionally formatted documents using advanced editors
  • Send personalised SMS messages to mobile devices and receive replies that are stored
  • Create beautiful e-newsletters that are perfectly styled for both desktop and mobile
  • Schedule SMS's and email's for sending to get the best response rates
  • Receive detailed analytics on email outcomes and gather interest tags when supporters click on links


  • Backend processing services allows contacts to be processed automatically
  • Scheduled Emails and SMS's are sent automatically on time
  • Automated thank you letters and receipts
  • Paused regular giving supporters are automatically activated once their pause date lapses
  • Notifications are sent automatically for renewals and failed regular payments

Keep supporters informed

  • Send personalised messages using different channels and monitor responses
  • Create beautiful newsletters that are perfectly styled for desktop and mobile
  • Capture interest tags and build profiles to target supporters with more direct messages
  • Create professionally formatted documents using the advanced editor
  • Import Microsoft Word documents and store them to send formal letters

Financial processing

  • Process transaction clearly with the ability to split payments arcross multiple products
  • Thank you letters are automaticcaly selected with override options available
  • Simplified receipting process that can be printed or emailed
  • Banking process with the ability to submit records to Xero
  • General ledger codes can be applied to appeals and products

Create beautiful widgets

Our widgets are fantastic take the hard work out of offering your donors a clean intuitive interface to make gifts or to sign up for a particular regular giving programme. Users can create lots widgets that can be used for different programmes and platforms. They are easy to implement simply copying the widget tags into your CMS system.

  • Create beautiful widgets that complement any website and customise them for your mission
  • Customize dollar amounts for each field in the widget
  • Automate and assign thank you letters or receipts that are customised to each widget
  • Create automatic opt-in messages which allow donors to automatically to newsletters and media
  • Designed to suit many applications, platform from websites, social desktop and mobile

Detailed reporting with OneReporting

  • Run queries and create selections easily with our new powerful query tool
  • Run detailed reports and export them to any format
  • Modify and build new reports using the new report builder

Campaigns & segmentation

  • Create advanced segments using the easy to use query tool
  • Define channels for communications and monitor returns
  • Apply costs to each segment to compare ROI's
  • Apply soft and hard credits and monitor them via the dashboard
  • Get up to date information on all segments as they are calculated at real time

Regular giving with full donor care

  • Automatically charge regular givers using billing services
  • Billing retry algorithms that perform multiple retries based on your preferences with history saved for each attempt
  • The system will send email/SMS account update notifications requesting new account details for failed regular giving donations
  • Ability to pause upgrade, downgrade and cancel regular givers
  • Create widgets that allow new donors to sign up as a regular giver
  • Send annual receipts easily without the need of queries and exports
  • Track regular givers year by year and analyse trends
  • Automatically channel failed regular givers to Call Centre where they can be called

The Call Centre

  • Create call lists and the ability to define call actions
  • Automatically channel failed regular givers and memberships to the call centre
  • Clearly see call results of each call and history of all attempts to contact

For schools and alumni

  • Track alumni and when they attended school
  • Populate an Alumni’s Activities such as classes, sport and awards over their school life
  • Create relationships siblings and other family
  • Keep alumni informed with using the built in marketing tools
  • Run reunions by class or other attributes like sport

Memberships & Subscriptions

  • Create different membership and subscriptions types
  • Set the frequency with the ability to auto-renew through the auto billing system
  • Billing renewals can be sent automatically with an option to pay now
  • Workflows can be set for renewal processes that automatically trigger

Bequest programmes integrated

  • Ability to track bequest progress through bequest statuses
  • Capture bequest assets and timeframes
  • Quick access to what is due and what has been paid
  • Create relationships between the deceased and the estate
  • Store related notes with actions
  • A must for any organisation that has a bequest programme

Applying for funding with Grants

  • Find funders that funded specific projects previous and easily reapply
  • Get a snapshot of all applications that have been submited and sort by status
  • Report on all applications by status, requested and approved amounts
  • Create accountability reports with reminders
  • Add impact reports with due dates

Other features

  • Detailed CRM system that allows you to manage leads and relationships
  • Multiple address storage available
  • A new address finder that incorporates Google and Postal Address Data for verified addresses
  • Automatic geographic coding on all supporters with map clusters included
  • Communication and engagement properties with multi-channel options
  • Built in newsletter generation with insights and analytics included
  • Automated interest tags populated when a donor clicks links within emails
  • Full Financial system and integration with Xero through banking with statement reconciliations
  • Advanced notes with actions and workflow
  • Detailed parameter driven dashboard
  • Full financial and correspondence history
  • Document management and the ability to open MS Word documents

Security features

  • A full cloud system built with the latest technology with a rich and modern responsive web interface
  • Hosted with our partners at Microsoft using Azure cloud services
  • Data is encrypted from point to point
  • There is no painful installtion or updates required, access it from any web browser
  • PCI compliant scanned regularly by external security company
  • Two Factor Authentication helps provent password leaks