Implementation & Support


Infosoft has over 20 years’ experience in implementing Fundraiser Suite in organisations of all sizes, from one person entities to multinational corporations. We apply the same project management disciplines for all clients and work with you to schedule and implement the project in the most efficient and business friendly manner.


Client support is an important part of keeping our users up and running. We offer a variety of support options from which organisations can select from.

The Annual Support Contract provides clients with access to our skilled helpdesk staff. This support agreement provides efficient resolution of all queries that may arise while using our software solutions. The Support Contract also entitles our clients to receive regular updates to the existing version of the software as they are released. The updates are often the result of feedback from clients, that further expand the range of features that our software packages offer. They are distributed to clients via the Internet using Infosoft's Live Updates services.

This support contract is initially quoted as part and parcel of the Fundraiser purchase price. Optional support arrangements are also available for clients with special requirements. An example of this is the provision of remote support software that allows our technicians to access client systems directly to perform database work or any other requests. Such services are available on request, and are not included in the standard Annual Support Contract.


Infosoft tries to build solutions that have familiar interfaces and are very easy to use. It is important that users are trained to use the system properly. Infosoft provides full training on common application practices and demonstrates how your organisation can structure its information within the application that simplifies day to day processes.

Infosoft caters its training sessions to the client's requirements whether it's basic fundamental training or advanced training for the power users within your organisation.